Wisdom Teeth



? Caries: Spit,the pieces of the food and the bacterias gather in the hole(newly coming tooth open) threat either wisdom or molar tooth.Realising and treating this kind of caries is extremely difficult.It may cause abscess and there may be pain. 
? Gum Disease(Pericoronit) : In the gum of the wisdom which is semi ascend,there may be halitozis(Bad smell in the mouth),pain,oedemol and trismusa(Mouth can not be opened completely).Inflection may be spreaded through the lymphs to cheek and neck. 
? Headache : While the wisdom is ascending,it may make preasure the neighbour teeth so,there may be headache.In some situation preasure can cause abrasion. 
? Orthodontic reasons : Many young people have orthodontic treatment in order to tidy up the entogled teeth.While ascending the preasure of wisdom can reflex to the other teeth so,the other teeth may remove.

? Reason about Prothesis: Dentist has to think about the wisdom while plannig the prothesis because,after the extraction the structure of the mouth changes and prothesis has to be done according to the new structure. 
? Cyst: Impacted teeth can cause cystic cases.Cyst causes the bone loss,extending the jaw moving the teeth,or damage the other teeth.In order to prevent the bone loss tooth has to be extracted and abscess has to be cleaned.Rarely that cyst can be spreaded and cause tumour and jaw bone may be broken by itself.