Root Treatment

The meaning of the root treatment is to keep the tooth which lost liveliness because of any reason in the mouth lifeless and to provide its function as it is alive. 
Lifeless tooth should no be allowed tos tay in the mouth even it does not cause any pain because,it is one of the best shelter fort he bacterias.Bacterias can reach to some of organs in the body by blood and cause some different illnesses. 
However root treatment is a hard treatment,this hardness is fort the dentist and because of studying by anesthesia you do not feel any pain. 
Root treatment is a very important treatment because,it makes you win a tooth.Well treated tooth can serve you for a long time,so no dentist advices extraction. 


After anesthesia the top of tooth opened in order to reach root channels and than caires is cleaned. Pulpa (Main of tooth) is taken out.
It is very important to determine the length of the root channels correct.For that step we use RVG and calculate the length
Root channels are cleaned by channel tools according to determined length
Channels, which are cleaned and washed with by using different disinfection solutions many times,are filled with a special cones and the crown part is restored
image005.jpg 101.jpg
If it is necessary tooth is recovered.Tooth which has root treatment loses its water so,it is easily offended and it is beter to recover it.
As it is seen root treatment needs patience and care. The necessary thing is a good vision system and a good communication between the patient and the dentist.