It is the material which provide the best appearance.It also helps people to have the lost functions and tdying the speech.So people who lost mouth health can get it back and prothesis provides people psychologically comfort .life quality is increased. 

There are different types of removable prothesis: 
1-Total Prothesis 
2-Partial prothesis 
3-Immediat (Temporary) prothesis 
    a-Immobile Prothesis 
    b-Unique crown 
    d-Overimplanr prothesis 
    e-Removable prothesis 
    f-Total prothesis 
    g-Partial prothesis 
    h-Prothesis which does not have hook,metal supported

UNIQUE CROWN: It is a covering which is applied to maket he damaged tooth as before. aim is to keep the tooth,make more beautiful and stronger. 
Crown is done for these situations: 
1-If there is not support,to restore the big filling. 
2-to prevent weak teeth to be broken 
3-Over the implant 
4-To cover broken,shapeless or coloured teeth.


BRIDGES : The type of treatment which is applied in order to fill the gaps because of the lost 2 or more teeth by cutting the neighbour teeth.

TOTAL PROTHESIS : It is applied fort he mouth which has no teeth.Nowadays total prothesis is not the unique chance fort he patients who have no teeth.Implants which are put in place into the jaw bone and the prothesis makes people feel as if they are chewing with their own teeth.So people mostly prefer implants.

PARTIAL PROTHESIS : Prothesis which is applied fort he loss of partial teeth.It is fixed to the natural teeth by a hook and it is made of metal or acrilic. 
SENSETIVE CONNECTIVE : It is also used for partial loss.Connection is not the same as partial prothesis.connection is formed by 2 pieces named male and female.This prothesis is beter than partial prothesis because of connection and aesthetic.Hooks which are used for partial prothesis disturb people aesthetically,sensetive connected prothesis is mostly preferred.



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Cleaning is made by some special cleaning materials.Prothesis can be cleaned by a tablet which is put in the water.If there is no cleaning material,prothesis can be cleaned by a tooth brush or a prothesis brush.However removable prothesis can be taken out and existing teeth in the mouth can be cleaned,later prothesis can be put in.For total prothesis it is enough to take out the prothesis and wash the mouth.