Periodontal Ilnesses

The most important reason for gum disease is;people do not use tooth brush or dental floss or true tecnicks regularly.So bacterias cause different illnesses.Microbial dental plaque is soft and it can be cleaned easily by the patient.If it is not cleaned,plaque is increased and it gets hard an the tooth and makes calculus.Only dentist can clean the calculus.Deformity of teeth,gum diseases,caries,bad fillings,and prothesis,breathing from mouth may also cause to increase microbial plaque. 

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It looks like orange cover,it surrounds the teeth,pink and hard consistency

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Gum may get inflamed because of bacteria plaque,and begins to bleed.If the plaque is not cleaned it becomes hard and calculus.

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Soft tissues swell,fibres break off , gum leaves the tooth and bone begins to melt


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Serious damage is fprmed in bone and tissues.If the teeth are not treated,they begin to move and they need to be extracted.Curreting should also be done beside cleaning the calculus.

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